EW-D ME2 SET (Q1-6: 470.2 – 526 MHz)

All-in-one digital wireless lavalier set for those who speak featuring Sennheiser’s renowned ME 2 omnidirectional clip-on microphone.



Catering to content creators, film-makers and broadcasters, Sennheiser introduces the follow-up to the popular-and-portable G4 wireless microphone systems. The new EP-DP Series is based on advanced digital technology, operates across the UHF frequency band and has been designed to be extra portable. Both the EW-DP EK digital receiver and the EW-D SK bodypack transmitter can run on either two AA batteries or the included BA 70 rechargeable battery pack, giving you up to 12 hours of performance for the transmitter and up to 7 hours of performance for the receiver. Once the battery is dead, it can be simply recharged with the included USB-C cable or hooked up to mains power via a compatible power supply (not included). This is the EW-DP ME2 variant which includes an omnidirectional Sennheiser ME 2 lavalier mic.