Aico Ei144E Easi-fit Heat Alarm 230V + 9V Alkaline Battery Back-up

• Heat sensor responds to heat build-up from large flaming fires
• Heat sensor triggers at 58°C
• Mains powered with 9V alkaline battery back up
• Easi-fit base
• RadioLINK base Ei168RC 28480 provides wireless interconnection with simple installation
• Fit in : kitchen, garage

• Low battery warning
• Test/silence button
BS 5446-2:2003 KM 83678.



These products fully comply with UK (UKCA) and EU (CE) regulations.

All homes in Scotland are now required by law to have ceiling-mounted and interlinked fire alarms. This new legislation applies to heat and smoke alarms. The law places the onus on the homeowner and/or landlord to make these changes – contact your local fire prevention officer for advice or consult the Government website.

This alarm must be used with 28480 to fully comply with new Scottish legislation.

EI144E replaces previous model EI144RC.